Corporate Social Responsibility

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There is a saying that “Charity begins at home but it does not end there”.

Zwan Family Charity founder, Dr. Gran Zwan, wanted to honor the family he loves by creating a charity in loving memory of his father, Dr. Ahmad Zwan. Dr. Gran observed how his father carried out his duties as a Physician and as a father. He wanted to honor his father’s ability to serve all people like they were his own family.1

Our mission is to help connect impoverished Afghans with needed medical education and treatment. We work with orphanages and individuals who cannot afford routine and complex medical care as well as offering vaccination programs, dental treatment and disease prevention advice. We treat people of all ages and do not discriminate against faith, color, age or gender, we welcome everyone into our family.

Our vision is to educate and create healthy and happy communities. Simple health education is vital, especially in Afghanistan where decades of conflict have left many communities vulnerable to every day illnesses threatening the lives of many people. By educating and treating the people and their communities, we create a happy and healthy environment for everyone, particularly children, to grow and thrive.

Zwan Family Charity is a registered 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization and we are registered in the State of Texas, USA with EIN 47-3858255. We are also registered with the Ministry of Economy in Afghanistan, Registration Number 427. At present, we rely solely on private donations from individuals and companies from around the world. We work with our sister company, Westex Medical Services who provide medical services at cost and thanks to their generosity, we are able to use 85% of donations received for our patients. We hope to raise more awareness of our work as we expand in order to continue our vital work in Afghanistan.

If you would like to know more about our work, to make a donation or to sponsor a particular patient, please feel free to contact us.



Contact Us!

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When you are separated from your Travel Documents

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Westex Medical Services has recently been involved in some of the mass casualty incidents that have occurred in Kabul. We have had situations in which people have been separated from their passports and visas. We had one incident in which they were totally destroyed.pass

Westex will begin a program in which, if you would like, we will make a copy of your passport, visa and front and back of your insurance card. The copies will be kept with your medical file. In the event you have been separated from the documents, you will have copies to aid you while working to get emergency documents.
It will also allow insurance companies to begin the evacuation process without having to wait for the emergency documents to be prepared or in the event you are incapacitated.
When you come to Westex during normal business hours, you will be asked if you would like to keep a copy of your documents on file. This is going to be on voluntary basis and consultation is not contingent upon participation.
We have begun negotiating with a company that will teach us how to make fingerprint copies and properly store them. In the event of a mass casualty incident or a kidnapping, we will be able to provide law enforcement with the copy of your prints. This is in the early stages of preparation so stay tuned for updates on this project.


Affiliated Hospitals

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Westex Medical Services is proud to have affiliate hospitals in Herat, Mazar-E-Sharif, Dubai and New Delhi.
Please call us and we can help you to arrange appointments at any of the following hopitals:
Herat: Afghan Salamat Diagnostic Center
Mazar-E-Sharif: Mawlana Hospital
Dubai: Medeor 24x7 Hospital
New Delhi:  Batra Hospital


Advanced Labororatory Testing

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Westex medical Services is affiliated with CPS Laboratories in Duba, UAE. CPS is the first fully CPA UK (Clinical Pathology Accreditation, United Kingdom) accredited pathology laboratory outside the European Union. CPS is also the first UAE lab to achieve GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority) accreditation.

This connection allows Westex to run certain biopsies, cultures and advanced testing that is not available in Afghanistan.

Appointment Booked

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Your appointment has been confirmed and we look forward to seeing you.

Please be sure to bring your insurance card. If you are self-pay, we accept cash, Paypal, MasterCard and Discover via the Point of Sale machine for which you must physically present the card. Wire transfer is accepted for larger invoices.

We have direct billing with the following companies:

Aetna International (those that begin with an "FZ" may require a pre-approval)


Albin International Funeral Home

Broadspire (US-based workman’s compensation insurance)

Cigna International


C.N.A (US-based workman’s compensation insurance)

Geo Blue




HTH Worldwide

International SOS


Specialty Assist


Travel Guard

United Healthcare International

We will work with most DBA insurances and any insurance that will give us a Guarantee of Payment.

Please note:
Blue Cross Blue Shield  - we can sometimes accept for inpatient admission/medical evacuation or medical escort BUT it MUST have an Overseas Rider. BlueCross carriers must pay cash for outpatient services. A "paid in full" receipt and a copy of the medical record will be provided so reimbursement can be applied for by the patient
We do not accept any Cigna that has an ID number that begins with a "U"
We must call and verify coverage if the patient's ID card has  "" on it. If coverage cannot be verified, payment will have to be paid at time of service. A "paid in full" receipt and a copy of the medical record will be provided so reimbursement can be applied for by the patient
Cigna carriers have a deductible/co-pay which should be paid at time of service unless other agreements have be made.